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ISO 3573 Drawing Quality Hot Rolled HR2 Steels

The international standard organization defines drawing quality hot rolled material designation as HR2 grade.

 Chemical Composition of HR2 Steels: The chemical composition of HR2 Steels is defined below:The maximum percentage of Carbon is 0.1.

The maximum percentage of Manganese is 0.45.

The maximum percentage of Phosphorous is 0.035.

The maximum percentage of Sulphur is 0.035.

Rest material percentage is of iron.

Mechanical Properties: The tensile strength of HR2 steels is 420 MPa. The Elongation range is in between 25-31 percent. These steels can be drawn more as compare to HR 1 steels and the mechanical properties are more suitable for drawing applications. This type of hot rolled steel can be further utilized in composing the cold rolled drawing quality steel.

HR2 steels have equivalent material grades which are defined in JIS & ASTM standards. The commercial quality HR1 steels can also provide a reference for comparison.




Engineer Ali Alvi is an industrial engineer who has post graduated from the NED University, then completed his Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Ontario. He has also served as an engineer in International Steel Ltd as A Cold rolling mill engineer.

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    Dear Sir,

    We are manufacturing cable trade and we have one export order for that our client have require NABL Test as per ISO 3573 HR 2 but when we go through this standard document we couldn’t found mechanical parameters, hence can you please provide us the

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