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Recent Inquiries

This post is reflecting recent inquiries we receive on our website or through our emails. We have to ensure the confidentiality of the data of our buyers. Therefore we cannot post all the information of buyers here, we only post information that is relevant for suppliers so they can contact us to supply the inquired materials.

If you can provide the material to our buyer based on their location please quote the inquiry order no. through our form Quotation Form. We will send to our buyer so that they can purchase from you.

Inquiry Order No. Info19013101

Our partner, is currently looking for a supplier who manufactures high-quality, metal-coated, formable steels (mother coils) for industrial processing. Overall, they have an annual demand of around 25,000 tons.

Main specifications: The supplied hot-dip galvanized sheet (DX51D +Z) should meet all requirements according to DIN EN 10346. The manufactured format will be coils.

Inquiry Order No. Info19010801

I would like to purchase 100 pcs of CR4 grade steel in accordance with ISO 3574
Size : 150mm x 70mm thickness 1 + 0.2mm

Suppliers from Singapore please contact through quotation form.

Inquiry Order No. Info122901

Please send me the price of 440C stainless steel for use to make orthopedic drill bit, Taps and reamers

Inquiry Order No. Info120501

Kindly we need quotation about submitting the following material to Egypt:

·         2 tons from material (P265GH) with thickness 8mm.

·         3 tons from material (P265GH) with thickness 6mm.

·         3 tons from material (P265GH) with thickness 5mm.

·         2 tons from material (P265GH) with thickness 4mm.

Inquiry Order No. Info110101

Kindly we need quotation about submitting the following material to Canada, Brampton:

Material : 17-4 PH stainless steel

100 pcs – 1.625 INCHES x 24.25 INCHES x 6 INCHES

Inquiry Order No. Info101801

Please submit offer for attached steel strut material list along with delivery time to Baku, Azerbaijan.

No (pcs) Length (m) Unit weight (kg/m) Total weight (kg)
CHS 812.8X12.7 S355JR 8 12 251.2 24115.2
HEA 800  S355JR 16 12 224 43008
HEB 600 S355JR 45 12 212 114480
HEA 200  S355JR 1 12 42.3 507.6
Steel plate 30 mm S355JR 45000
Steel  plate 15 mm S355JR 10000
Bolts 8.8 10000

Inquiry Order No. Info101501

Please give a best rate of below Enquiry to Wada India

ASTM A615 Grade 75 MS Bar Dia 20 MM – 20 MT

Inquiry Order No. Info101201

Please advise either you have the material or similar composition to be delivered to Malaysia.

Details as below :-

Material               : SPHC

Size (Finishing)  : Ø 17 X 5

Qty (pcs)              : 5000pcs

Inquiry Order No. Info101201

I am looking to get a quote the the following material below to Michigan USA

Material : CR4 – Grade Steel
Dimension : 1 mm x 150 mm x 70 mm
Spec : ISO 3574, Essentially a faultless surface and a matte finish

Quantity: 10-20

Inquiry Order No. Info082201

What we need your great assistance to quote the material by return to Taiwan as below,


Annual Use (KG)

















Note: We only include content on inquiries which are recently received. For buyers with older inquiries please submit your inquiry with our Order Inquiry Form.


Waqas Imam is an Industrial Engineer, Certified Lead Auditor, Material Consultant and Blog Writer.

  1. Jitender Nalwa says:

    Pl send me the price of 440-C stainless steel for use to make orthopaedic drill bit,Taps and reamers

    1. Dixit Bhansali says:

      Dear Sir,

      Please send your detailed requirement for 440C on my mail id as per mentioned below:

      We would like to quote for you.

      Best Regards
      Mr. Dixit

  2. Rick says:

    Various steel supplies
    Chinese steel manufacturing
    Guarantee quality and price concessions

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