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History of JIS

The present Japanese Standards organization was established after Japan’s defeat in World War Two in 1945. The Japanese Industrial Standards Board rules were publicized in 1946, Japanese standards ( new JES ) was formed. The Commercial Standardizing Law was implemented in 1949, which forms the legal underpinning for the present Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). JISC are comprised of many nationwide committees and plays vital role in standardizing activities in Japan. The job of JISC is corporation and upkeep of JIS, administration of authentication and documentation, collusion and contribution in world standardizing activities, and development of measurement standards and technical substructure for standardizing.

The Law Governing JIS 

The Commercial Standardizing Law was revised in 2004 and the “JIS mark” ( product documentation system ) was modified ; since Oct 1st, 2005, the new JIS mark has been applied on re-certification. Usage of the old mark was authorized in the three-year transition period ( till Sep thirty, 2008 ), and each manufacturer getting new or replenishing documentation under the authority’s approval has managed to use the new JIS mark. So all JIS-certified Japanese products had the new JIS mark since Oct first, 2008. JIS covers commercial and mineral products excepting

( 1] medicinal compounds,

( 2] rural chemicals,

( 3] chemical compound fertilizers,

( 4] silk yarn, and

( 5] comestibles,

rural and forest products appointed under the Law Concerning Standardizing and Correct Labeling of rural and Forestry Products.

Letters Indicators in JIS Standard Name 

The, letter symbol indicates the technical area ( JIS Division ), and the 4-digit or 5-digit number is added to find the JIS in a suitable place inside that Division ( see the reason in Figure 6] Standardizing items established as JIS have the following symbols : JIS C 7501 : The majorities of JIS have this kind of symbol.

 JIS Q 14001: This symbol is generally employed in case JIS adopts world standard identically. JIS X 5056-1: This symbol is utilized in case JIS adopts world standard cites only part of the mandatory wants.

  1. Tehmoore Khan says:


    Im a looking for the exact japanese and or American standard equivalant for chinese grade 65Mn spring steel sheets. would appreciate your help on this.

  2. Naresh Kumar says:

    I am looking for chemistry of JSH440WN as per JIS.

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