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JIS G3101 General Structure Hot Rolled SS400 Steel

What is SS400 Steels? SS400 steel is a structural hot Rolled steel in the form of plates, sheets & strips for general structural applications. SS400 is a material grade and designation defined in JIS G 3101 standard. JIS G 3101 is a Japanese material standard for hot Rolled steel plates, sheets, strips for general structural usage. The structural quality hot rolled SS400 steel is more reliable in its tensile strength than SS330 steel.

Dimensional Characteristics of SS400 Steels: The applicable thickness for this SS400 material as defined in the JIS 3101 starts from 6 mm to 120 mm.

The Chemical Composition of SS400 Steels

JIS G 3101 defines the chemical composition of SS400 steels as under:

Carbon (C) is not identified in the standard.

Manganese (Mn) is not identified in the standard.

Maximum percentage of Phosphorous (P) is 0.050 percent.

Maximum percentage of Sulphur (S) is 0.050 percent.

Remaining is iron (Fe) percentage and with few negligible impurities.

Mechanical Properties of SS400 Steels

  • The tensile strength of the SS400 Steels is expressed in Newton per millimeters and it must be at least 400 N/mm2 (MPa) and the maximum can be 510 N/mm2 (MPa).
  • The yield strength is minimum 205 to minimum 245 N/mm2 (MPa) depending on the thickness. The yield strength for thickness below 16 mm is minimum 245 N/mm2 (MPa) whereas for higher gauges above 100 mm is minimum 205 N/mm2 (MPa).
  • The elongation property of SS400 steel varies with the ranges of thickness.  The minimum percentage ranges for elongation is 17% thicknesses till 16 mm, 21% for thicknesses till 40 mm, and 23% greater than 50 mm.
  • The melting point of SS400 is fourteen hundred and thirty-degree celsius
  • Brinell hardness is around 160 HB
    SS400 Application

    SS400 material used in the structure

Comparative Materials

SPHC steel comparison with this grade of SS400 material will show how general structure hot rolled steel differs with commercial quality SPHC steel in chemical composition & mechanical properties.

SUS304 stainless steel is also a material used in architecture, however, it is far more corrosion resistant than SS400 material.

Equivalent Grades

  • In American standards, ASTM A36 and ASTM A283 Grade D are referred to as equivalent materials. 
  • In European standards, EN S275 and BS 43A  are referred to as equivalent materials. 


Applications of this steel grade are as follows:

  • Making structural tubes
  • Making pipes
  • Making rods
  • Making various other structural sections and steel



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Engineer Ali Alvi is an industrial engineer who has post graduated from the NED University, then completed his Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Ontario. He has also served as an engineer in International Steel Ltd as A Cold rolling mill engineer.

  1. Rifki says:

    Hi Adam,

    is it possible to use JIS G3101 SS400 for structural steel on Offshore structure (Jacket Platform)? What is your opinion, JIS G3101 SS400 compare with ASTM A36 or EN 10025. Thank you.

  2. Muhammad Ali Khan says:

    Dear Mr Rudolf! How can the properties be dependent upon the thickness of the plate? I thought it is a standard measure determined on a piece of specimen prepared under standard dimensional guidelines.

    1. Andrew says:

      Elongation depends on thickness of the material as well.

  3. Sudarsono Aswidhi says:

    Apa perbedaan spesifikasi dari plat baja JIS G3101 SS41 dengan JIS G3101 SS400
    (Translation What is the difference specification of steel plate? JIS G3101 SS41 with JIS G3101 SS400)

    1. dafmon says:

      ST 41 lebih ulet pa biasa untuk tiang polygonal sutet atau tower monopole sutet tegangan tinggi, sementara SS400 untuk kontruksi umum.

  4. U Khin Thein says:

    Dear Sir,I would like to enquiry for M.S Plate And Angle Iron specification for ss400 steel grade jis g3101 required qtty.(5) items for our client MOGE will send details specification sheet after contact received.Best Regards,Khin Thein

  5. Sangamesh says:

    Is ss400 suitable for marine environment?

  6. Muhammad Sarwar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have two queries regarding SS400 material as per JIS G3101.
    1- is SS400 JIS G3101 material is equivalent to ASME SA-36.
    2- What’s the difference between SS400 And SS400B.

  7. claire He says:

    HI I supply Galvanized steel coil

  8. Joshua Laang says:

    is it possible to use JIS G3101 SS400 for structural steel on onshore structure ( Platform)? What is your opinion, JIS G3101 SS400 compare with ASTM A36 or EN 10025. Thank you.

  9. Mr.Thanongsak Y. says:

    I have question ?
    What is difference material SS400, SS400B and SS400P ?
    Could you please explain difference ?

  10. siva says:


  11. Aadil Mansoori says:

    SS400 all colours

  12. Then KL says:

    What is the difference between SS400 vs SS400-M steel

  13. Nitin N Panchal says:

    which grade of steel we can achieve hardness 58-64 HRC
    Please suggest material in 400 grade

  14. ZUBAIR IQBAL says:

    can we used it for galvanizing plant as a kettle

  15. Nguyễn Hoàng Yến says:

    Dear all supplier,
    I am EMATECH.JSC from Vietnam, we are in need of big amount of steel D12: 22.5 tons/ month and D8: 2 tons/ months, SuS 304 thick 1mm.
    Anyone who can meet our order, please contact:

    1. dafmon says:

      Is ss400 produce in coil?

  16. unagi76 says:

    sir, can I have the specification about allowable stress of JIS G3101 SS400 at elevated temperature?

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