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Grilamid – Amorphous Polyamide Thermoplastics

Grilamid is a special type of amorphous thermoplastics that comes in various material grades. It has a particular composition that offers the amalgamation of robust properties of polyamide semi-crystalline materials with those of thermoplastic exclusively. The exclusive properties of these materials are high resistance to chemical and stress cracking. It also exhibit excellent transparency.

What is Grilamid made of?

Grilamid is available in the form of transparent polyamide granulates which are polymers. So it is made up of thermoplastic polyamide polymers. FDA and European directives have approved some specific grades of this type as food contact materials since the approved materials show the required bio-compatibility.

Material Properties

Some of the common properties of these materials are:

  • Low moisture absorption, thus resilient to atmosphere conditions
  • High transparency, thus used for variety of applications
  • High temperature required for heat distortion
  • High resistance to chemical reactions
  • Low density, thus light weight materials
  • Good flexural bending strength
  • High resistance to impact and fatigue

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Grilamid are used in different industrial sectors:

Automotive Sector

Various electrical and electronic items utilized Grilamid in Automotive industry. Other uses in automobile industry are lighting parts, fuel system components, Chassis accessories, powertrain components, automobile Interior body etc.

Electrical and Electronics Sector

These are used widely in electrical devices, electronic machines, joints, Mobile accessories, other electrical and electronic portable devices,

Lighting Sector

These are also used in components of various lighting systems including LED lamps.

Consumer goods

These are also used in variety of housewares including Heating systems, household Hydraulics and Pneumatic systems etc.


Optical components widely use this material in safety glasses, Lenses, sun glasses and other glass frames. TR90 grade is a popular material in optics manufacturing.


Packaging industry also used this material in Non-oriented film, Medical packaging, Cosmetics, Personal care etc.


Other applications include parts in Mechanical Engineering, components of Medical devices, Sanitary accessories, Power transmission parts, water or gas supplies components, accessories in Sports and Leisure etc.

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Suppliers of these materials

  • Supplier EMS-CHEMIE (Korea) Ltd. Located at 817 Doosan Venturedigm, Pyeongchon-dong, Heungan Daero 415, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do,
    Republic of Korea. Call at +82 31 478 3159
  • Supplier Lespatex d.o.o. Located at Pot k sejmišču 30, 1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče, Slovenia. Call at +386 1 256 51 68


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