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Invitation – Material, Steel manufacturing & supplying companies to sell online has developed a range of materials persona by helping industrial professionals through product development and finding out the right material for specific industrial application. Not only the basic information but case to case consultancy with the help of our comment section and contact us page. Thus Material Grades has been receiving multiple of order inquiries through comment feature of our website, and by emails via our Contact Us Page. So suppliers and manufacturers can make use of out strength in selling materials online – any industrial material grade.

Material Grades Guides Buyer for Free!

The website usually guide the buyer to contact the manufacturer in our database for free, we do not charge from the buyer about any of our free services like access to expert opinions and our technical articles, consultation via comment application or our websites and by our webinars.

Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial grades connect with us!

Since Material Grades have built an exclusive relationship with the buyers therefore it is vital for the manufacturing firms who produce these grades to connect and engage with us from our website. This engagement is of course a potential market for the steel producing companies, material trading companies and organic compound supplying industries.

Connecting with us does not count a big deal, all you have to do is to contact us from our website page or just e-mail us directly on You can be our Order Inquiries’ Partner, or you can be our Website Patron and thus enjoys our viewership by placing your ads and using our sponsored articles:

Becoming our Order Inquiries’ Partner

What does this mean to become website’s Order Inquiry Partner, it means that you will own all the order inquiries we will receive for that particular time of our agreement. You can use it for order generation and also you can request us to add new portfolios of materials from your prime supplies. Thus in this way your business will grow and our website will sustain activities to help buyers and readers.

Contact us today on

Becoming our Website Patron!

Becoming a website Patron means that you enjoy a prime place in the website. It means that your company will be advertised on our website prominently, two sponsored posts showcasing your products will be published for you in a month. Your products will be showcased on our social media accounts. Your agreement with us as a Website Patron will be shared through Press releases. What else you want in a million viewership website as a Website Patron?

Email us at

Material Grades value partnership and believes in returning the favors by mutual growth, integrity and professional endeavors.


Waqas Imam is an Industrial Engineer, Certified Lead Auditor, Material Consultant and Blog Writer.

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