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Material Grades Online Internship Programs for Engineering Students

Material Grades is the only website & consultancy network for materials sciences which is offering an internship program for students of material sciences and engineering. The online internship program is focused on training & then its application assignments. The internship program is focused on the development of two areas for students one is focused on materials and engineering knowledge, the other is focused to develop their writing communication skills.

Students’ and Academia Benefits

The internship programs will liaison the gap between academia and industries. It will help the students to understand various industrial grades of materials and their unique applications. Equivalence of material grades within different international standards.

Moreover, it will give students the opportunity to express their engineering opinions on our website with their name published in author section (after being reviewed from our editors). Their names on published articles will help them to boost their personal profiles on professional forums.

Areas of Learning during Internship

The internship program offered by Material Grades will help students to learn writing on the following areas:

  1. Material Grades – This will help them to understand material grades used in industries and how to read them and how to apply this knowledge to industrial applications. They will also be required to share their written articles on the website.
  2. Industrial Products – This will help them to write about industrial products, material grades are also industrial products, but grades are specific pointed in some international standards, whereas industrial products are generic and include a wide area for industrial machinery, industrial materials (on generic gradations), industrial accessories etc. They will also be required to share their written articles on website.
  3. Industrial Processes – This will help students to understand industrial processes; industrial processes are the ones that are used for the manufacturing of products, material grades, and other industrial services.
  4. Quality – It is the main function of industries today to ensure customer satisfaction. Quality function is the main asset of competing for manufacturing firms. This area helps students to understand Quality as a function with various tools used in it and will help them to write as well.
  5. Engineering Concepts – This is the area where students can express their opinions based on their learning in engineering schools. Out editor will just review it for editing.
  6. Industrial Markets – This is the most important area. Industrial markets will make students study some specific markets study and share their opinions on this category with their study.

How long is the online internship program?

The internship program is designed for two months. Students can avail this during their holidays either summer or winter or any other. Customized internship timeline is negotiable.

How students will get the Internship Certificate?

Internship certificate will only be awarded if and only if the students complete the internship successfully. This means they have to complete the assignments as well.

Apply for the online internship program

Apply to our online program today by uploading your resume or CV to our Internship Form.

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Waqas Imam is an Industrial Engineer, Certified Lead Auditor, Material Consultant and Blog Writer.

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