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P235GH Steel – High Temperature & Pressure Application

What is P235GH?

P235GH is also a heat resistant pressure vessel steel defined in the EN 10028 system. It is similar to P265GH but with the lower content of Carbon and on the other hand with higher content of Manganese. P235GH steel has lower yield and tensile strength compared with P265GH. It is also non-alloy steel. The material is also designed for high-temperature applications. This material is said to have good cold working as well as hot working characteristics. Therefore it is utilized in pipes transporting hot liquids.

It is also a key consumable material for boilers and pressurized vessels. However, any designer who is utilizing this material for any application of intense pressure should work out all possibilities in the design calculations. A factor of safety and reliability should be considered before using this material.

What is EN 10028?

P235GH is also identified in the standard EN 10028. EN 10028 is a European material standard for “Flat products made of steels for pressure purposes”.

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Why P235GH called A285 grade C Steel?

P235GH is the designation alloy in the European standard, also referred to as A285 grade C steel in ASTM A285 / A285M standard. Many manufacturers and traders who sell P235GH also claim to be compliant with specifications of ASME/ASTM material A516 grade 60 steel. But buyers should check in detail with material specifications.

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Available Forms in Market

It is typically available in the market in different treated condition including the normalized condition.

Following are the available forms of P235GH steels in the industrial market:

  • Steel Plates and Sheets
  • Tubes and Pipes
  • Billets
  • Wire Rods
  • Forged Rings and Blocks
  • Ingots
  • Electroslag
  • Round bars
  • Butt-welding pipe fittings

Dimensional Characteristics of P235GH Steels

The obtainable thickness for this P235GH material as retrieved by online market starts from 1.50 mm to 12.7 mm depending upon the type of processes. However, the width of this material varies with the process as milled or slit strips. For slit process; it is available in slit width of 100 mm and over to 800 mm. The mill edge width begins from 900 mm width to 1880 mm.

The Indicative Chemical Composition of P235GH Steels

The chemical composition of this grade is indicated as under:

  • Maximum percentage of Carbon (C) is 0.16
  • Minimum percentage of Manganese (Mn) is 0.60 and Maximum percentage is 1.20
  • Maximum percentage of Phosphorous (P) is 0.025
  • Maximum percentage of Sulphur (S) is 0.015
  • Maximum percentage of Chromium is 0.30
  • Maximum percentage of Nickel (Ni) is 0.30
  • Maximum percentage of Silicon (Si) is 0.35
  • Maximum percentage of Molybdenum (Mo) is 0.08
  • Maximum percentage of Nitrogen (N) is 0.012
  • Maximum percentage of Copper (Cu) is 0.30
  • Maximum percentage of Titanium (Ti) is 0.03
  • Maximum percentage of Niobium (Nb) is 0.02
  • Minimum percentage of Aluminum (Al) is 0.02
  • Maximum percentage of Vanadium (V) is 0.02

Remaining is iron (Fe) percentage and with few negligible impurities.

Mechanical Properties of P235GH Steels

  •  The tensile strength of the A285 grade C alloy steel is expressed in Newton per millimeters and it must be at-least 360 N/mm2 (MPa) and at-most 480 N/mm2 (MPa).
  • The elongation property of P235GH steel varies with the treatment and thickness but it is indicated typically greater than 24%.
  • Yield strength should be equal to or greater than 225 N/mm2 (MPa).
Pipes Lot

P235GH Pipes

  • It can be welded for all thicknesses.

Equivalent Material Grades in Other International Standards:

  • The equivalent grade of this type in ASME/ASTM  is A285 grade C
  • In DIN standard, the corresponding material is referred to as 1.0345 type steel.
  • In British BS standard, the corresponding material is referred to as 141-360 type steel.
  • In Japanese JIS standard, the corresponding material is referred to as SB410 type steel.

Applications of P235GH Stainless Steels: Applications are as under

  • Process utilities, instrumentation in the food industry
  • Instruments and utilities in environmental protection
  • Instruments and processing utilities in fertilizer industries
  • Process utilities in chemical industries, power stations, and shipping

Suppliers of P235GH Steel

  • Supplier Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH bearing contact number +49 (0) 5341 21-2890.
  • Supplier Haihong International Trade (HK) CO., Limited bearing contact number +86-816-3646575.


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