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Better & Advanced Material handling systems

As a new bee, better Material handling systems ( conveyors, sorting systems, shelving, and so on. ) represent a big buying decision. The incorrect buying can be expensive, and making the correct decision can be hard, principally due to the number and nature of the options available. Naturally, you might just pay top greenback for new kit. You know precisely what you’re getting, presuming the clobber performs up to specs. Your sole concern is the chance that you’ve paid more for it than you had to. You might economize (or at a minimum spend less, which isn’t unvaryingly the same) by buying used handling system.

Now all you’ve got to stress about is dependability-or, at worst, the price of replacing the hardware if it does not accomplish the job it was planned to do. Eventually, there’s refurbished apparatus. This saves some money, but not quite as much as purchasing used. From the other standpoint, it should perform better than used, if not as well as new. That is the idea, but you can’t truly be certain what was done to the apparatus aside from a fast painting.

Ideally, renewed kit should be the ideal compromise between the standard of new and the cost advantages of used gear. Nevertheless unless you know precisely what to go looking for, you’ll have a tricky time envisioning performance and measuring it against the price of the apparatus. Luckily, there’s a 4th option which tries to get shot of this doubt by specifying – and guaranteeing precisely what’s been done to used clobber before it is once more offered for sale. ‘Renewed’ kit authorizes informed buying. You can figure out, as with new gear, the value of the purchase based primarily on expected performance vs cost.

Who Do You Trust? Naturally, anyone can slap a ‘renewed’ label on some old bit of overhauled hardware, so you’ve got to ask who you are dealing with. How can they ‘renew’ apparatus? How do you actually know what is done to the hardware? If the kit does not perform as guaranteed, what’s the provider about to do about it? If at all possible, work with a material handling clobber provider you know.

Barring this, it is really important to spot a provider with experience in refurbishing the types of apparatus you are considering, and who has a longtime reputation in the bizz for standing behind the goods they sell. Speak with other clients. To be on the safe side, attempt to speak with purchasers that are not on a list given you by the provider.

Visit the supplier’s facility

Have they got the engineers and qualified shop staff to check, test, reconstruct and retrofit the hardware? Do they make the product cosmetically engaging, but neglect the extra work wanted to revive the equipment’s performance. Have they got a method that includes intensive inspection and testing? Do they provide a guarantee the kit will perform as publicized?

The Renewal Process

A real apparatus renewal programme adds significant value to the hardware at each stage, from disassembly at its prior location till it is installed and working in your facility.


Dis assembly: Material handling gear undergoes damage all though its working life. Regular maintenance and smart operation of the apparatus can keep this to the absolute minimum, but all this good work can be wasted by clumsy disassembly. Before accepting the apparatus as most likely replaceable, the provider must inspect the gear on site, with any upkeep records. Far more critically, a professional, trustworthy crew must be employed to tear the system down, specify, palletize and transport it to the renewal facility. Analysis . As discussed earlier, a specific quantity of damage is unavoidable. Some is sufficient, and is one particular reason that replenished kit costs less than new.

C45 Medium Carbon Steel grade is used as material for making different parts of gears. Gears are widely used in material handling systems.

Good Replacement Program: Some components of a system might be confounded, or sold as used at a better price. Often, the damage is concentrated in simply replaced parts like seals, rollers, bearings, for example. A good renewal program will replace imperative parts due to their wear-out situation regardless of whether they look great.

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Testing: Replenished kit should operate up to the specs of the kit when it was new. ( It might not hold to those specs so long as new apparatus would, but that is the reason why you are spending less. ) A good renewal program will test each element, so you know precisely what performance to expect from the assembled system.

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Design: You will not be using this clobber precisely the way in which the prior owner did. A good design and engineering team will help you integrate the hardware into your present system.

SUS 630 Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel – JIS G4303 is used in Handling equipment in offshore platform

Cosmetic Work: You will get a paint job with any refurbished hardware, but the paint on replenished hardware is not there to cover up breakdowns. It’s simply there to improve appearance.

Reassembly: Replenished kit may not assemble as simply as new, while it is simpler to work with than used clobber. A specific quantity of further correction will most likely be needed, with the re-drilling of holes and other minor alterations, to retrofit the system so it integrates correctly. An experienced crew can turn out to be a real asset here. Living alongside Replenished Gear Replenished kit may continue to perform inside spec for a certain quantity of time ( less than new, more than used ). Nevertheless this isn’t a straightforward ‘you get what you pay for’ compromise.

The truth is that most material handling systems have a limited lifespan!

Growing volume changes in business processes or materials handled, the provision of new material handling technologies-all of these can and will make your new system out of date at some point in days to come. Why pay for more time than you want? Naturally, exploiting this factor needs dedicated planning. Often it is a reasonably easy matter.

For instance: Your present system is totally insufficient for your wishes and really must get replaced. Alternatively, you plan on consolidating material handling operations at a single facility in 4 years. Paying more for a revolutionary new system that may last 10 years simply makes little sense. Replenished is the right choice.

From the other perspective!

Often, some mixing of new, replenished and even used apparatus makes the most industrial sense. As an example, you may need to milk contemporary developments in control systems. You might need the latest, quietest and fastest-rated conveyors for your heavy traffic, populated areas. Buy new in cases like these.

Replenished, from a different perspective, could be the best answer for the majority of your conveyor part. Used or traditional refitted hardware might be acceptable for part of your shelving needs. The point is that you need to inspect your options, realizing that complicated systems may gain benefit from a mixture of those options, and then make the finest choices to fit your wants, your financial position and your future plans.


Engineer Sheikh Imran is a manufacturing expert of over ten years experience in the field of manufacturing. He did his BE in Industrial Manufacturing from NED University in 2010. Imran has broad knowledge and expertise in the areas of metal cutting and cutting tools and in R & D of manufacturing methodologies. He has worked for more than 8 years about various projects under the following heads: Manufacturing process improvement Boiler Manufacturing Manufacturing system improvement Projects

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