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Abrasion Resistance of Materials

Abrasion Resistance Definition: It is defined as the extend of resistance of a material to abrasion or wear. Abrasion is the phenomenon of material abrading out, particles of materials deteriorating out from surface, wearing or rubbing away. It can also be by purpose implemented in a controlled manufacturing environment utilizing a material which can cause abrasion. In normal circumstances for almost all the materials, Abrasion is an unwanted phenomenon of exposure to ordinary use. Therefore Abrasion Resistance is a phenomenon that is required in the materials as a quality feature of the product.

Abrasion Resistance Test: There are different types of international tests that performed in various types of materials. One of the renowned method & American standard for checking the checking the abrasion resistance of organic coating is ASTM D4060 which is titled as “Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser”. Taber Abraser is an abrader and it comes in variety of models. There are some other standards as well like ASTM G195 – 13a which is also a International Reference Document for Conducting Wear Tests Utilizing a Rotary Mounted Abraser.

Abrasion Resistance Index:  It is also called abrasion rate. Disparity of the abrasion resistance of a considered  material to that of any other standard material like rubber.  The index is applied principally to aggregate handling equipment.


Industrial Materials Tested for Abrasion Resistance: Following are the industrial materials which are widely used to test for their abrasion resistance property. Cemented Carbides, Porcelain Enamels , Concrete, Dimension Stone , Organic Coatings , Coated Fabrics, Textile Fabrics , Printed Materials  Rubber  , Fine Aggregate , Smudge  , Ink-Impregnated Fabric , Slurry Abrasivity , Jaw Crusher Gouging, Wheel  , Pin  , Elastomers  , thermoplastic  and Cotton  are some of materials used in industry which are checked for abrasion resistance.

Taber abrasion test is utilized for identifying abrasion resistance of rubber, Martindale testing method is used to check abrasion resistance of textile fabrics Different types of abrasion resistance chart are used in different industries. The main purpose is to give an overview of different materials used in an industry and their contrast as far as abrasion resistance is concerned. For example comparison of abrasion resistance of carbon steel, Zirconia, Alumina and Sintered silicon carbide are presented in a chart.


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