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Auger Conveyor-Application and Types

augerWhat is an Auger Conveyor? Conveyor systems are one of the prominent features of large scale manufacturing and packaging industries. They are used to transport the product from one end of the factory to the other through the different processes it needs to undergo. Auger Conveyors are special types of conveyor systems which use a helical screw blade coiled around a rotating shaft inside a tube or trough in order to move material along the length of the tube.

Applications of Auger Conveyors: Auger Conveyors are widely used in industries to transport material which is in semi solid form, fine particles or grains and sluggish bulk material. One of the main advantages of the auger conveyor is that it can perform very efficiently and can transport the material at any angle and against the pull of gravity. Apart from industries, Auger conveyors are also used in machines such as combine harvesters, snow blowers and meat grinders.

Types of Auger Conveyors: Auger Conveyors are made in two forms. One is the type in which the helical blade is coiled around a central shaft while the other type does not contain a shaft. The shaft less auger conveyor is driven at one end and free at the other and can perform more efficiently since it can transport larger volumes of material because it has more space at its center. It can also handle sticky sluggish materials without the risk of material getting stuck around the central shaft.


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