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Absolute Pressure

Absolute Pressure Definition: Absolute Pressure is a perfect vacuum as its basis. This kind of pressure value is the sum of gauge pressure of the system & the atmospheric pressure. As positions vary, particularly when going with elevations, the considered origin can vary due to variation in pressure of atmosphere at elevations.

Utilizing an absolute pressure sensor eradicates the enigma to altered atmospheric pressure depending on a particular pressure height for consideration. This absolute pressure at sea level is near about 1.01325 bars.

Difference between gauge pressure and absolute pressure

Gauge Pressure utilizes a reference to the ambience pressure with the sensor. For this reason the sensing scale has a variation due to changes in atmospheric pressure, a reference guide is required to comprehend clearly what pressure is being quantified.

Typical sensors that utilize gauge pressure are practically manifested as KPaG, PSIG and BARG. These all have got typically a vent. This vent can be produced in to the sensor or  as well as with a pipe in the electrical adapters. The vent is located to utilize pressure in atmosphere as a reference guide for the sensor to quantify. One general cause for utilizing gauge pressure is to make sure that considering all locations around the globe, the sensor will in any case reference the position in which it is configured.


A gauge pressure  is at times utilized to indicate the pressure difference between absolute pressure and the ambience pressure. This pressure is mostly referred to as the gauge pressure and its formula can be stated as

gauge pressure = absolute pressure – atmospheric pressure

Where Atmospheric pressure is the pressure in the ambience which is at the crust of the earth. The atmospheric pressure alters with change in temperature and varying altitude above sea level.

On the other hand the absolute pressure is the sum of gauge pressure and the atmospheric pressure.

Absolute pressure formula is therefore given by;

Absolute pressure = gauge pressure + atmospheric pressure



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