ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Is Now Published

The newest issue of ISO 9001 i.e. one of leading quality management systems standard, has just been published by ISO. This determines three & a half years of revision work by specialists from almost ninety five contributing & observing nations to carry the standard well matched with contemporary requirements. ISO 9001 certificates has been issued globally and the score count is above 1.1 million worldwide, ISO 9001 assists organizations exhibit to clients that they can deliver products & services of a high quality on regular basis. It likewise behaves as an instrument to restructure their procedures and create them more capable at what they do.

Acting ISO Secretary-General Kevin McKinley elucidated the fact that the new revision of ISO 9001 allows organizations to adapt to an up-gradating world. It improves an organization’s capability to fulfill its customers’ satisfaction and delivers a rational basis for progress and continued achievement.

iso-9001-2015-version-publishedThe 2015 revision specifies some key changes, for which the chairperson of ISO subcommittee, Nigel Croft, who actually established the reviewed standard, denies it as a revolutionary measure rather terms it as an evolutionary edition. He further explains that they are just upgrading ISO 9001 finally into the twenty-first century. The previous editions of ISO 9001 were fairly prescriptive, with numerous needs for documented records & procedures. In the 2000 and 2008 versions, technical committee focused more on managing processes, & less on documentation requirements. The Chairperson further says that they have currently gone a step in advance, and ISO 9001:2015 is now not as much prescriptive as its ancestor versions, instead it concentrates more on performance.

Nigel explicates that they have attained this by uniting the process approach with risk based thinking, and utilizing the PDCA i.e. Plan Do Check Act cycle in all layers of the organization.

Recognizing the fact that today’s organizations will have numerous management standards in position, he further elaborates that they have premeditated the 2015 edition to be straightforwardly incorporated with other management systems.

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The revised ISO 9001 version also delivers a solid foundation for industry sector quality management standards as in the case of medical equipment industries, automotive, & aerospace, etc. Moreover it also comply requirements of regulators.

As the important expected standard arises into horizon, Kevin McKinley explains that the world has transformed, and this modification was required to imitate this. Technology is motivating amplified expectations from clients and industries. Obstacles to trade have fallen due to lesser tariffs, on the other hand also for the reason of strategic tools for example International Standards. Kevin further expresses that they have been analyzing a trend in the direction of extra complex worldwide supply chains that require integrated systems. So companies require acting in different ways, and quality management standards want to carry on with these anticipations. Kevin concludes that he is confident that the 2015 revision of ISO 9001 can assist organizations to achieve this.

The standard was established by technical subcommittee of ISO i.e. ISO/TC 176/SC 2, whose secretariat is possessed by BSI, ISO member organization for the UK. Kevin further resolves that this committee is really important for ISO, because it is the one that has headed the future in terms of worldwide significance, impact & use. He further thanks the members of the committee for superb job.

ISO 9001:2015 substitutes preceding versions and certification bodies will have up to 3 years period to transfer certificates to the revised edition. The new version can downloaded from ISO store or can be obtained from member participant in your country.

ISO 9000, which places the ideas and language utilized all through the ISO 9000 family, of standards has also been reviewed and modified and a new version is also offered. ISO 14001:2015, Environmental management systems, has also been published on 15th September 2015.

There are various consultancy & training groups that may offer training of this revision. There are also some online trainers who provide basic training and awareness on the ISO 9001:2015 revision.

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