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Arcair Torch

Arcair Torch is powered arc torch with air channels operating parallel to the probes, utilized to take away metal and exterior imperfections from iron based castings.

History: Arcair Torch methodology started with the establishment of the CACA process known as the Carbon Arc Cutting-Air procedure, by Myron Stepath. As he was stationed as a welding engineer with American Naval force in Bremerton, Myron instituted a compane named Arcair Co. In the mid of twentieth century, a firm he began in the garage of his house with a unit room as his workplace, and a tiny workshop to achieve the targets received. Myron presented the G-3 shearing and carving electrode frame to the community.

The Process: The Carbon Arc Cutting-Air procedure is one which syndicates carbon arc to molten metal, whereas compacted air shocks take the melted iron off from the mass as needed. The procedure presented a direction of level in cost cuts associated to the metal subtraction manufacturing procedures at that time.

The Progress of Instrument & Founder: On the completion of 2nd Global War in the world, Myron had the stage to labor on his projects, and revolutionizes the instrument in 1956 into a solo, serviceable, effective handheld instrument, presented as the H-5 shearing and a torch which force cuts with the help of gouge. In the 1970s, Air equipment started using Arcair torches & the founder Myron also retired from his services after then.


Milestones: 1980s witnessed the Arcair Co. presenting the K-4000 compressed air powered arc shearing and gouging torch devices.  Victor Technologies now designs and manufactures advanced Arcair Torches which are easy to use with greater precision and accuracy as it was never before.

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