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Addendum –Books, Law, Medical Sciences to Mechanical World

In Book writing; an addendum is defined as the section that may explicate discrepancies or develop the current labor or else clarify or modernize the info revealed in the primary work.

In Legal papers; best & notably contracts concerning legalities, an addendum is an extra text not comprised in the major portion of the agreement. It is an ad hoc article, typically gathered and affected after the key manuscript, which covers extra terms, duties or statistics. A Supplementary Covenant to a deal is frequently an addendum to an agreement.

Medically, for legal transcripts, Addendum is defined as the part which is also utilized if the medical care staff is placing in extra facts about the sufferer.

Mechanically, it is defined as radial distance from the pitch sphere of a gear i.e. distance between Crest & the pitch surface. Or alternatively it is defined as the spherical elevation of a tooth above the circle made by the points of pitch.

Addendum’s opposite is dedendum in mechanical terms, because dedendum is the radial distance between the troughs of the teeth i.e. its depression to the pitch circle.

Modified addendum teeth are Teeth of interacting gears, either one  of the gear or even both can have non-standard addendum and thus will called as modified addendum teethes.

There are two types of addendum engagements with the two meshing gears:

Equal addendum teeth are those Teeth meshes in which two interacting gears have the same addendums against each other.

Long and short-addendum teeth are those Teeth meshes in which two interacting gears have the different size addendums and thus one is call long and the other short and the combination is called as long and short addendums.


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