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Adapter – Mechanical to Electrical to Computer Software

Mechanically; an Adapter is defined as a mechanical component utilized to bring into line the shaft of a power motor or any rotating instrument with the shaft of a hydraulic pump to keep circular and corresponding shaft arrangement. Different types of flange adapters are available in the market. Some are designed specifically for some special applications

More generic definition of an adapter is a hardware item that permits one hardware or computerized applications interface to be adjusted or put up devoid of damage of purpose to any other hardware or computerized applications interface.  Therefore Oracle and JCA adapters are discussed in numerous Business suite environments.

Electrically we heard about adapters creating bridges between power plugs, also known as travel plugs in some realities. AC DC adapters change the AC current into required low voltage DC for electronic items which are domestically used.


So in both electrical, software based and in mechanical terms the adapter may be used in same notion but with different practical realities. But the idea remains the same i.e. to synchronize two disparate systems aligned together so that the input of one can be used as the output of other. Thus these adapters are used in all three spectrums of mechanical, electrical and software industries all together.


Engineer Ali Alvi is an industrial engineer who has post graduated from the NED University, then completed his Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Ontario. He has also served as an engineer in International Steel Ltd as A Cold rolling mill engineer.

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