JIS G3113 Structural Automobile Hot Rolled SAPH440 Steel

What is SAPH440 Steel?

SAPH440 steel is structural hot-rolled steel in the form of plates, sheets & strips for automobile structural applications. SAPH440 is a material grade and designation defined in JIS G 3113 standard. JIS G 3113 is a Japanese material standard for Hot-Rolled steel plates, sheets, strips for automobile structural usage. The structural quality hot rolled SAPH440 steel is more reliable in its tensile strength than SAPH400 steel. It can be used in automotive applications where more strength is needed & the material does not fail under exceeding loading.

What is JIS G 3113? 

JIS G 3113 is a Japanese material standard that defines the specifications of hot-rolled steel plates, sheets, and strip for automobile structural uses.

SAPH440 Full Form

Sources say that SAPH 440 means Steel Automotive Pickled Hot-rolled and 440 MPa minimum tensile strength. Whilst this explanation can be used to remember the material grade specification however SAPH 440 is a grade specified in Japanese standard, where only 440 is defined in the standard for its minimum tensile strength. Other qualities of steel like pickled and hot-rolled are also valid but a reliable source is yet to be found to verify this information.

Dimensional Characteristics of SAPH440 Steels

 The applicable thickness for this SAPH440 material as defined in the JIS 3113 starts from 2 mm to 14 mm. However, the width of SAPH440 material ranges to 950 to 2000 mm.

The Chemical Composition of SAPH440 Steels

JIS G 3113 defines the chemical composition of SAPH440 steels as under:

  • Carbon (C) is not identified in the standard.
  • Manganese (Mn) is not identified in the standard.
  • Maximum percentage of Phosphorous (P) is 0.040 percent.
  • Maximum percentage of Sulphur (S) is 0.040 percent.

Remaining is iron (Fe) percentage and with few negligible impurities.

Mechanical Properties of SAPH440 Steels 

  • The tensile strength of the SAPH440 Steels is expressed in Newton per millimeters and it must be at least 440 N/mm2 (MPa).
  • The yield strength is minimum 275 to minimum 305 N/mm2 (MPa) depending on the thickness.
  • The elongation property of SAPH440 steel varies with the ranges of thickness.  The minimum percentage ranges for elongation is 29 to 34 minimum.  Only over 6.5 mm thickness requires 22 minimum percentage elongations. Higher thickness gauges usually show higher elongation than lower gauges.

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Comparative Analysis

Some other hot rolled commercial quality materials are also used in industrial applications, SPHC steel comparison with this grade of SAPH440 material will show how structural automobile hot rolled steel is better with commercial quality SPHC steel in its strength and how it differs in chemical composition & mechanical properties.

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