ISO 3574 Deep Drawing Quality Cold Rolled CR4 Steel

What are CR4 Steels? CR4 steels are deep drawing quality Aluminum Killed (non-aging) mild steel revealed in ISO 3574 and are graded correspondent to SPCF steels in JIS G3141 standard. The only difference between CR3 & CR4 steels is that CR4 steels are non-aging steel and are very slowly deteriorated in mechanical properties with respect to time.Dimensional Range of CR4 Steel: CR4 Steels is available from thickness series 0.25 mm to 4.0 mm. The width is typically 950 mm, 1219 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm.


Chemical Composition of CR4 Steel:  The chemical composition of CR4 Steels is contained by 0.08 percent of Carbon maximum, 0.40 percent of manganese maximum,  0.030 percent of Sulphur maximum, 0.02 percent of Phosphorous maximum, and remaining percentage is of iron (Fe) with negligible impurities.

Mechanical Properties of CR4 Steel: The mechanical properties of CR4 Steels are related to SPCF steels, but contrasting the JIS G3141 standard, the ISO 3574 standard does not categorize the minimum tensile strength but it determines the maximum range. The maximum yield strength is 210 MPa, the utmost tensile strength is 350 MPa and least elongation is 38 percent. The hardness is 50 HRB maximum.

As compare to CR3 Steel, this grade of steel is additionally draw-able & adequate for extra deep drawing operations.

Adam Rudolf is a material engineer who has graduated from University of New South Wales, he is a bachelor in Materials engineering. He has also served as an engineer in OneSteels Arrium Mining and Materials Australia. Now a days he is offering his services to in the form of technical analysis on different materials.


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6 Responses to “ISO 3574 Deep Drawing Quality Cold Rolled CR4 Steel”

  1. GK Murthy

    Feb 22. 2013

    we want CR4 grade steel 1mmX150mmX70mm strips.(ISO 3574)

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    Mar 15. 2013

    we want CR4 grade steel 1mmX150mmX70mm strips.(ISO 3574)

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  3. Hafzil

    Feb 25. 2015

    Hi Sir,

    Could you please provide me the details quotation as below:

    Material : CR4 -Grade Steel
    Dimension : 1 mm x 150 mm x 70 mm
    Ra : 0.8 micrometre
    Spec : ISO 3574
    Other requirement : Material free from pores, marks, scratches and any light colouration.
    Qty required : 50 pcs

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    • admin

      Aug 31. 2015

      Hi Hafzil

      Are you interested to get material in Malaysia?? Please let us know about it.

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  4. Takabe Yu

    Sep 04. 2015

    Hello we need to buy testing specimens
    is there a recommended supplier for this in the USA ?
    specimens of 1 mm ± 0,2 mm thickness and 150 mm × 70 mm,
    of CR4-grade steel in accordance with ISO 3574 with an essentially faultless surface2) and a m att finish, (arithmetical mean deviation of the profile Ra = 0,8 μm ± 0,3 μm). Cut these reference specimens from cold rolled
    plates or strips.

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